Lena Pessoa.

Architecture d'intérieur.

Visual Merchandising.


    Lena Pessoa, born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, joined the world of design in 1978, creating a line of shoes. Very shortly, she came to draw clothes which she thought to be like architecture for the body. Considering clothing is made up of several inseparable elements, she also conceives the accessories that complete the outfit. Shortly after her arrival in Paris in 1986, supported by Woolmark, Lena Pessoa created her own clothes and accessories label, which became much in demand by brands such as Agnes B. In 1994, she set up Deux L., her own design company.

    In the year 2000, she moved on from designing clothes to designing spaces in which they are displayed. When contacting LVMH to propose a window concept, she immediatly received an order for Louis Vuitton. The spin-offs of this project brought her the commission for the interior design for the new concept of the Pucci's stores.
    Whithin 13 years, with the contribution of the milanese architecture office VudafieriSaverino, Lena Pessoa opened 250 boutiques of different brands like Jimmy Choo, Roger Vivier, Tod's, Moschino, Givenchy, Kenzo... from Tokyo to London, from Paris to New York.

    This impressive route depends on the designer's working process. Her work consists on analysing the identity and soul of the brand, and from this she can create a personalised concept, an unique universe. Visual Merchandising is always been a strong filter on her work... The art of display is really a challenge for her.

    Visual Merchandising,

    • Une organisation modulée de l'offre produit dans le but d’optimiser les ventes
    • Focus sur un produit déterminé
    • Ordre donné à l'espace de vente
    • Hiérarchie visuelle du merchandising

    un Nouveau Service Conseil Points de Vente !

    Un travail d'analyse et de conseils sur votre Visual Merchandising ainsi que sur les point forts et les points faibles de vos points de ventes.


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